Electronic book readers

PocketBook brand was created in 2007. The new company’s goal was to develop an e-reader to meet most customers’ demands. Focusing on the development of friendly software which allows reading books, playing audio books, viewing pictures and on top of that, has a lot of additional applications, allowed PocketBook to enter the top five world’s leading manufacturers of electronic reading devices. Our representative offices are located in major world markets – USA, Germany, France, Russia, China and Middle East. Distribution network covers more than 20 countries worldwide. Using modern technologies, innovative solutions and talented personnel, PocketBook provides more than the ability to read. We provide the opportunity to read anywhere and anytime, and, what is most important – to read with comfort. Guided by a sincere desire to create high-quality, multifunctional, modern readers, PocketBook International aspires to become a world leader in the market of electronic reading devices. For more information about our eBook readers please visit our MaLiseuse website.

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