Microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition system for high quality poly-, mono- and nanocrystalline diamond films.

Microwave plasma system ARDIS 100 is designed for chemical vapor deposition of poly-, mono- and nanocrystalline diamond films. Carbon nanotubes and nanowires can also be produced.

Chemical Vapor Deposition method allows synthesizing high purity diamond films with earlier unachievable dimensions possessing unique optical, mechanical, electronic and thermal properties.

Technical specification

MW power 600-6000 kWt, fr. 2.45 Ghz
Number of feed gas channels 4 the system allows adjusting gas flow from 0.3 to 60 l/hr
Gas process pressure 30-150 Torr
Gas mixtures primary Н2/СН4, Н2/СН42, Ar/H2/CH4 doping N2, B
Sample diameter (typical) 75 mm
Substrate temperature up to 1200 °C
Growth rate up to 6 µmicron/hour
Visual control 5 quartz windows
Chamber water-cooled vacuum stainless steel chamber
Operation Windows compatible CCDSys control software allows operation during up to 1000 hours without any interactions from the operator.
Dimension 1850(l)/1100(w)/1755(h) mm

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