Extend your business

Based on our knowledge of local market we are able to assist you from the first steps during market penetration, create partners network, present your product and service at the local market.

Build partners network

Need partners at local market? We will create and develop leads with best companies in France, Russia or other EU countries.

Get striking results

We have developed network of local companies looking for partnership in different high-tech areas. We have skills and knowledge to present your products and highlight its qualities at very competitive markets.

  • Leading Innovations

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      PocketBook by Obreey was created in 2007. The company’s goal was to develop an ideal e-reader to meet all customers’ demands. Focusing on the development of amazingly friendly software which allows reading books, playing audio books, viewing pictures and on top of that, has a lot of additional applications, allowed us to...

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      МicroScan is a new generation excimer laser system for all types of vision corrections: myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism. MicroScan is produced by Optosystems Ltd. – the leading Russian manufacturer of lasers for medicine, science and technologies. MicroScan is ophthalmological system designed by Opto- systems in collaboration with Physics Instrumentation Center of General Physics...

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      Sans Digital is a provider of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage solutions. These storage units can be used in home offices, small and medium-sized businesses, video editing, data backup, surveillance systems and many other industries. Sans Digital’s products provide great solutions for companies and individuals across the world who need effective and...

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